Oil & Gas

PVT Cell 200 ml 200 bar

PVT 200/200

Our High Pressure Gas-Liquid Phase Equilibrium Measuring System PVT 200/200 can be used to measure the vapor-liquid and vapor-liquid-liquid phase equilibrium.

The operating range of the apparatus is :

  • Working pressure:vacuum to 20 MPa
  • Temperature range: -40 to 260 °C

The equipment is composed by :

  • Motorized piston equilibrium cell 200mL/20 MPa
  • Sapphire tube on the top of the cell (visual volume: 70 mL)
  • Magnetic stirring
  • Climatic air bath
  • Vacuum pump (option)
  • GC sampling valve lop (option)
  • Video camera with zoom and display on PC
  • Computer control software for data acquisition and processing
  • Transfert sample system (piston bottle and manual pump) (option)

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