Oil & Gas

PVT Cell 250 ml 1000 bar Gas

PVT 250/1000 G

The PVT Gas 250-1000 can determinated and measured PVT (Pressure Volume Temperature) bihaviour of a reservoir fluid like condensate gas.

Associated to our GAS 10000 T gasmeter, it’s possible to measure:

  • dew point pressure
  • gas Z factor in pressure and temperature
  • hydrocarbon phases volume at pressure and temperature equilibrium
  • GOR (Sm3/m3) by liberated gas measurment in the gasmeter on liquid volume measurment in the high pressure cell

The cell is able to study light hydrocarbon mixture (high GOR > 20 000 Sm3/m3), slightly acid and who can contained H2S or CO2.

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