Regulation Cards

Always looking for lasting solutions, SANCHEZ TECHNOLOGIES has developed a unique model of electronic regulation card. By keeping the same design and dimension since first delivered equipment, it allows to put any new regulation card in any system at any time.

SANCHEZ TECHNOLOGIES has built a complete interchangeable model that can be replaced easily without modifying electronic cabinet and quickly as we have a large stock in our premise each time a customer required it.

Multifunction card for measurement and regulation - MCAPC

  • Measurements: Pressure, Volume, Flow, Temperature
  • 2 analogical inputs including 1 configurable in input PT100 or thermocouple (J, K, T)
  • Regulating P.I.D on 3 ways Analogical inputs 16 bits
  • 1 input optical coder
  • 4 logical inputs and 4 outputs

High resolution card for temperature regulation measurement - MCAT

  • 4 analogical inputs including 2 configurable in input PT100 or thermocouple (J, K, T)
  • Regulating P.I.D
  • 2 analogical inputs 16 bits
  • 4 OPTO insulated logical inputs

Card for power relay - MCIO

  • 4 insulated logical inputs
  • 4 logical inputs
  • Logical outputs: 11 with power relay and 3 with open collectors
  • Acquisition of the input states
  • Contol of the relays by standard connection series RS422

Piloting card for direct current motor - DCMC

  • Analogical control 0/10V
  • Control by external dry contact
  • 2 logical inputs/2 outputs
  • Variator 2 dials
  • Control by connection series RS422
  • Alarms for overcurrent

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