Core Analysis

Core Aging System


The core aging system consist in saturation at reservoir conditions with brine and then with crude oil so as to restore its reservoir wettability. The oven for temperature reservoir conditions contains as many as you want core holders.

The principal is first saturation of a cleaned core plug with brine. After saturation is completed the pores remain water, this water is displaced by oil injection leaving water films on the pore walls. During several weeks the core containing crude oil and connate water is left at reservoir conditions pressure and temperature. The wettability changes on oil-invaded pores. The wettability changes are dependent of the stability of the water wet films, trapped between the pore core surface and the oil. The pore walls can only become oil-wet if contacted by oil due to the rupture of these films. The core will have a mixed wettability state status.

This system is composed of:

  • Reservoir Condition Oven
  • Core Holders
  • Automated Overburden System
  • Dual Piston Syringe Pump
  • Accumulator
  • Back pressure Regulator
  • Automatic Data Acquisition Module

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