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Code of Practice

Terms & Conditions

Independent Inspection

SAYBOLT's objective is to provide an independent service to protect the interests of its principals. SAYBOLT is not an agent of the principal(s), but is nominated and is thereby given a mandate by the principal(s), to carry out instructions in conformity with industry standards and conventions.

Where conflict occurs between the mandate being followed by SAYBOLT and that of third parties involved in work being performed, SAYBOLT will endeavour to assist in resolving these conflicts only to the extent that it reports all facts, events, test results and figures to the parties involved.

SAYBOLT cannot be accountable for any differences arising out of conflicting interpretation of its mandate.

Role of the Principal

The principal is defined as the client who appoints SAYBOLT for contract services. SAYBOLT reserves the right to hold the principal ultimately responsible for payment of invoices in the event that third party clients fail to do so. It is thus the responsibility of the principal to ensure that third parties, who have been designated to share costs, confirm respectively their acceptance of applicable fees before invoicing by SAYBOLT. All nominations are accepted subject to our latest GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS. Our STANDARD RATES will apply unless a valid signed service agreement has been entered into between SAYBOLT and the client.

Multi-Client Invoicing

SAYBOLT agrees to invoice a number of individual clients for a single intervention strictly on the understanding that each individual client accepts in full their respective obligations to settle invoices relating to their pro-rated share (plus administration costs).

Invoicing instructions cannot be subject to any changes after the work has commenced, unless otherwise agreed.

Credit Policy

SAYBOLT's STANDARD RATES are based on the settlement of all monies due within 15 days of date of invoice. No supplier credit is intended and SAYBOLT reserves the right to charge interest at the rate of 1% per month on all outstanding accounts. Individual invoices, if queried, should under no circumstances cause any delay in payment of other monies due.


The rates for laboratory services are published separately and are available from the relevant SAYBOLT offices.

Witnessed Analysis

In all locations "witnessing services" are available at extra costs. When analysis are witnessed by Saybolt, the testing is carried-out with equipment belonging to and operated by others. While Saybolt verifies that tests were performed, Saybolt cannot assume responsibility for the calibration, operation and maintenance of third party laboratory equipment.

Submitted Analysis

In case of submitted analysis, the analysis results are reported to Saybolt. Saybolt only transmits the submitted information as received from the supplier's/receiver's or independent laboratory. Testing is neither witnessed nor verified by Saybolt and Saybolt assumes no responsibility for same.

Standard Surveys

The standard surveys attached are representative for services routinely carried out for products listed in the rates. More detailed technical specifications can be obtained from SAYBOLT Rotterdam or SAYBOLT Houston. In any Contract Services Agreement, the client's specifications and requirements may be included to properly address specific client needs and operating practices in local ports and terminals.

Contract Services Agreement

SAYBOLT welcomes the opportunity to provide enhanced services to its clientele through the use of Contract Services Agreements. While these contracts never influence the independence of SAYBOLT they do enable the company to properly recognize volume business and long-term service requirements, through the use of modified case-specific tariffs, more detailed service scope, and the recognition of client's specific needs.

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