Coal Technology

We offer a broad range of testing services to meet the needs of today's expanding coal gas industry. In order to optimize gas production, it is important to accurately characterize each reservoir fully and examine coal fluid interactions prior to completing a well. Stim-Lab tests are designed to simulate the unique conditions found in coal seams. Tests and studies available from us include:

  • Coal reservoir characterization
  • Coal and rock mechanical properties
  • Coal core flow tests
  • Rheology and proppant transport studies
  • Fluid leakoff and fracture conductivity
  • Coal stimulation simulations

Utilizing information generated in the laboratory, stimulation treatment design programs and production simulators can be used to predict the production response from a well or field following a proposed stimulation.

On-Site Coal Technology Assistance

  • Fracture treatment design
  • Pre-treatment planning
  • Mini-frac design and analysis
  • Treatment quality control
  • Treating-pressure analysis
  • Post-stimulation evaluation

These services are supported by a variety of engineering programs installed on notebook computers for use on location.

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