Shale Flow Properties: Unpropped Fracture Conductivity

Our Unpropped Fracture Conductivity testing allows us to determine sensitivity to various fluids in a core sample by flowing fluids through the unpropped induced fracture along a bedding plane and comparing the conductivity of the fracture with the various fluids.

By using the following methods we can offer guidance in fluid choices for various formations in samples with very low matrix permeability (reporting conductivity through the fracture in the micro to nano-Darcy range).

Unpropped Fracture Conductivity (UFC) Testing is designed to measure and compare fracture conductivity at multiple net stresses to various fluids including:

  • Saline Solutions
  • Clay Controls
  • Completion Fluids
  • Acids Produced - Fresh Water Mixtures
  • Determine Regain Conductivity to Gas or Oil

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