De-Risk Decision Making with 3AB™

Process Driven A/B Testing

Quantitative Decisions. Faster.

Evaluation of Completion Variables with an Economic Output in 90 Days

Leveraging a unique three phase approach, Core Lab allows operators to create a statistically relevant data set more quickly. Stage level evaluation provides numerous data points and allows for confident decision making after just two to three wells.

incremental production changes | Tailored to specific basins | Considers rock type & heel-toe bias

Field Testing

Basin specific testing in partnership with operators to optimally design tracer projects based on unique objectives.

Laboratory Analysis

Stim-Lab has been utilized to create a multitude of downhole environments, simulating different reservoir conditions and propped fractures in which to analyze tracer performance.

Data Science

A multidisciplinary approach analyzing Core Lab data to identify trends, insights, and further refine and expand optimal tracer designs.

Quickly and Confidently Adjust

Perforation Design
Proppant Loading
Stage Spacing
Frac Intensity
Frac Additives
Cluster Spacing
Cluster Orientation
Proppant Selection

Example Variable Evaluation:
Frac Additive Effectiveness

  • 100 stages/well in two benches
  • Two unique tracers per each mile completed; one with the surfactant additive and a second one for non-surfactant (clean) stages.

Economic Output

  • Confirmed production uplift
  • Cumm oil allocation shows incremental production (green) from surfactant stages in 60 days
  • Confirmed 15% uplift in production in Well #1 and 7% in Well #2, validating a $310k cost per well