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Inflow Tracer

Core Lab’s expansive portfolio of polymer embedded tracers provide identification of fluid type inflow and estimates contribution on a zonal basis from your reservoir.

Proppant Placement Uniformity

SPECTRASTIM™ proppant tracers provide the unique ability to directly measure the distribution of proppant in the near wellbore to limit super fracs.

3AB – Process
Driven A/B Testing

Field trials, lab testing, and data analytics combine to de-risk decision making, creating a statistically relevant data set in just two to three wells.

Confidently Bring Offshore Wells Online

Confirm annular pack competency and identify top of cement.

Middle East Operations

Unlock the full potential of conventional and unconventional development through Interwell Evaluation, Inflow Monitoring, and Acid Stimulation Optimization.

Informed Decisions to Drive Your Business Forward

Expert analysis and interpretation of data from routine testing to innovative custom solutions.

  • Zonal Isolation
  • Effective Lateral Length Assessment
  • Geomechanical Correlation to Production Trends
  • Parent/Child Well Interactions
  • Seismicity
  • Inflow Monitoring
  • Refrac Selection and Optimization
  • Production Trends Across the Lateral in Different Benches
  • Multi-bench Fracture Driven Interactions
  • Production “Thievery” Evaluation
  • Cluster Efficiency
  • Simulfracs
“Optimizing Completion Placement: Strategies for Effective Zonal Containment” from URTeC 2024


Oil & Gas Industry Expert Panel Discussions Led by ProTechnics

ProTechTalks are a series of casual question and answer sessions with an expert panel discussion. Topics vary from infill development strategies to offshore optimization or perforation trends.

Featured ProTechTalks

Connecting Your Frac to the Rock (URTeC 2022)

Held at the 2022 Unconventional Resource Technology Conference (URTeC), this discussion focuses on understanding the reservoir impact on completions.

Dena Demboski, Colin McGonagill, Dr. Mukul Sharma

Shoot First and Ask Questions Later. Wait… Don’t Do That

This discussion focuses on evolving perforating strategies and completion design. From oriented perforating to cement quality, stage design, fluid types, and plug selection.

David Cramer, William Hunter, Malcolm Kintzing

Modern Simul-fracs – Downhole Implications

Our esteemed panelists will discuss the simultaneous stimulation of multiple wells to increase efficiency and cost savings as well as the downhole implications of this technique.

Mike Mayerhofer, Ali Daneshy, Gerardo Torres

Recent SPE Publications

Expert’s Corner Interviews

One-on-one conversations providing commentary on current trends, challenges, and opportunities in the Oil & Gas industry.

Spotlight: George King

George E. King is a Registered Professional Engineer (Oklahoma PE 10831 and Texas PE 110993)) with over 45 years oilfield experience since starting with Amoco Production Research in 1971. His technical background includes basic research on energized fracturing, production and fracturing chemicals, acidizing, asphaltenes, perforating cleanup, well integrity and completions, complex formations, unconventional resources in the Barnett Shale , Horn River Shale, Eagle Ford Shale, Fayetteville Shale, Gothic Shale) sand control, low pressure gas well operations and applications work on coiled tubing, cutoff, formation damage and well repair operations.

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