Optimizing Completion Placement: Strategies for Effective Zonal Containment” from URTeC 2024

This panel explores various methods and strategies to optimize completion placement, ensuring effective zonal containment. Topics include the importance of cement quality, plug selection criteria, and the effectiveness of diverters, as well as addressing whether and how to preload. Experts share insights and best practices to improve completion outcomes.


Trevor Ingle – Manager, Subsurface Team, Devon Energy
Trevor McIntosh – Completion Manager, Eagle Ford, Marathon Oil
Mike Richardson – President of Unconventional Strategy, Jetta Operating Company
Taylor Young – Director Subsurface, Baytex Energy Corp.
Aaron Burton – Account Manager, ProTechnics (Div. of Core Laboratories)

Moderated by Buddy Woodroof – Technical Manager, ProTechnics (Div. of Core Lab)