Inflow Tracer Diagnostics


Core Lab’s expansive portfolio of polymer embedded oil and water tracers provide identification of fluid type inflow and estimates contribution on a zonal basis from your reservoir.

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Fast Sample Analysis

Core Lab’s global network of laboratories ensures cost-effective 5 day sample analysis with 24 Express Analysis available offshore Gulf of Mexico.

Extended Lifetime Tracers

With a lifetime of over 5 years, FlowTrace™ and PhaseTrace™ inflow tracers provide quantitative data to inform production management decisions.

The flexibility to manufacture tracer polymers in any geometry allows for tracers to be deployed directly in various completion hardware configurations (sand screens, tracer carriers, and AICD housings, etc) and requires:

– No additional well interventions
– No added rig time at the wellsite
– No additional personnel
– No operational/completion changes

PhaseTrace™ identifies when and in which zones you have water breakthrough, providing valuable information for correlation of reservoir models and production forecasting.

FlowTrace™ estimates zonal contribution per producing zone as fractions of the total well production.

Based on an innovative design of a custom made inward vented tracer carrier that communicates only towards the well and not the reservoir. This simplifies the interpretation of the tracer signal from production startup and makes it less sensitive to crossflow.