Utilize tracers to accurately determine and correct for drilling mud invasion on core saturations and formation fluid samples.

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  • Determine the amount of drilling mud invasion that has occurred
  • Select a suitable tracer based on analytical objectives and budget
  • Measure and correct for true formation water resistivity (Rw)

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Measure Filtrate Invasion In Coring and Drilling Operations

INVASION PROFILER™ increases accuracy and confidence in the determination of fluid saturations from core analysis and fluid properties from formation test samples which are vital for refining the reservoir and petrophysical models essential in reserve estimation and facility design.

INVASION PROFILER™ is extremely effective in determining

Amount of Drilling Fluid Invasion in Core Samples

Amount of Drilling Fluid Contamination in Formation Fluid Samples

In-Situ Fluid Saturations

True Formation Water Resistivity (Rw)

INVASION PROFILER™ features two types of tracers:

  • CMT-1000 – an oil soluble tracer used to trace the oil phase of oil-based drilling mud systems
  • Tritiated Water – a water soluble tracer used to trace the water phase of water or oil-based drilling mud systems

One or both can be introduced into the mud system prior to drilling a core or drilling through a zone that is planned for formation fluid sampling.

What makes INVASION PROFILER™ effective is that neither tracer occurs naturally; when either tracer is found in a core or formation fluid sample, it is due to drilling fluid filtrate invasion. The ability to trace both phases of an oil-base drilling fluid also exists by utilizing each tracer simultaneously. There are no temperature limits on INVASION PROFILER™ tracers and mud properties are not altered.


  • Health, Safety and Environment Friendly
  • Safe to Transport, Handle, Store and Dispose