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Identify and Precisely Determine Near-Wellbore Proppant Placement

SPECTRASCAN® post-stimulation spectral gamma ray logging provides the only means to accurately pinpoint SPECTRASTIM™ traced proppant placement and refine completion procedures.

Direct Measurements to Evaluate

Uniform Proppant Placement

Natural Fracture Identification

Proppant Communication

Plug Integrity/Sleeve effectiveness

Gravel and Frac Pack Treatments

Perforation Efficiency

Treatment Uniformity Evaluation: proppant tracers provide the unique ability to directly measure the distribution of proppant near-wellbore.

SPECTRASCAN® is a memory spectral gamma ray logging service uniquely able to analyze the effectiveness oof completions operations. Recording a high resolution energy spectrum combined with proprietary spectral deconvolution software analysis, SPECTRASCAN® delivers the industry’s most accurate identification and quantification of the injected proppant tracers. Data downloaded from the tool is merged and correlated with other depth data to provide a realistic understanding of the completion effectiveness. Versatile deployment options provide operational flexibility.

The rugged SPECTRASCAN® design ensures sound operation even in temperatures that exceed 400º F (200º C) and pressures up to 30,000 psi.

SPECTRASTIM™ tracing technology involves the injection of uniquely identifiable proppant tracers, designed to target specific stages or segments and different proppant types in hydraulic fracturing operations. SPECTRASTIM™ proppant tracers are manufactured using Core Lab’s patented ZeroWash™ process, fixing non-water-soluble tracer into the matrix of a high strength ceramic particle with no potential for wash-off.

  • US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) approved
  • Safe to transport, handle, store, and dispose

Isotope (half life): Iridium 192 (74 days) | Scandium 192 (83.8 days) | Antimony 124 (60.2 days)