Our Saybolt division operates a world-wide network of analytical laboratories, many of them accredited according to ISO 17025. Through this network clients also have access to several competence centers in various parts of the world.

Analytical Services


The use of additives in oil products can help improve their performance and efficiency, while also providing important benefits for the environment and the equipment they are used in.

RON/MON/Cetane Engines

Introducing our comprehensive range of services for products used in RMON and Cetane engines. 

Oil Spill Characterization

When an oil spill occurs, quick and efficient response is critical to minimize damage to the environment and surrounding communities.

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  • Full range testing from crude oil to heavy residues
  • Comprehensive scope of chemicals testing
  • Specialized equipment for crude oil assays
  • Simulated distillations, DHA, PIONA
  • Screening on contaminants with ICP XRF, GCMS, GC-ECD, etc.
  • Gas-, liquid- and ion-chromatography
  • Ultralow Sulphur and Nitrogen detection
  • Mercury and Arsenic trace analyses
  • Spectroscopic characterizations
  • 24/7 services for immediate results
  • Testing of natural, refinery and industrial gases
  • Biofuels full specification testing
  • ISO 17025 accredited facilities
  • Claim and arbitration protocols
  • Outsourcing for production industries
  • Oil spill characterization
  • RON, MON and cetane engines
  • Testing of additives
  • Project organized studies
  • Residual oil, including ISO 8217
  • Heating and diesel fuel, including EN 590
  • Auto fuels, including ЕN 228
  • Aviation kerosene, including Jet А-1 as per ASTM D 1655 and DEF-STAN
  • Base and other oils
  • Narrow and wide fractions of crude oil, gas condensate, and petroleum products mixtures
  • Liquefied gas, including EN 589
Correlation Program

Our network of laboratories maintains an inter laboratory correlation program, to ensure consistent and accurate analytical results over the entire network. We appreciate the added value of providing results that are the same wherever in the world it is measured.

Global LIMS

We maintain global operational standards to ensure the highest reliability. A truly global LIMS system allows us to efficiently control the quality of our network, to allocate samples to other locations and to consolidate data globally measured for our clients.

Specialised Arbitration

When you are disputing the quality of a commodity with your vendor or supplier or claiming a loss of quality at a logistic service provider, Saybolt offers specialized arbitration possibilities in one of their competence centers. Our professionals assist you to solve claims on the basis of secured facts finding.