Atlantic Canada Reservoirs and Seals – Newfoundland, Labrador and Nova Scotia

Following on from Core Laboratories’ regional evaluation of the Porcupine Basin, Ireland, and numerous regional studies across the South and Central Atlantic Margins, this study utilises geological datasets from key wells offshore Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador. The study provides detailed reservoir description and regional geological evaluation of all potential reservoir systems on the margin, through systematic analysis of the full drilled succession from 58 wells, with approximately 1200 metres of core.

In addition to the available well data, all public domain regional studies are incorporated into the database in order to expand the regional coverage and knowledge of reservoir and source units beyond the existing drilled wells.

A Conjugate margin module referencing both Atlantic Ireland and Canada data sets, together with open file DSDP/ODP wells is also available to participants of both Ireland and Canada datasets.