Bangladesh Petroleum Geology

BAPEX in association with Core Laboratories has completed A Regional Petroleum Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential Study of Bangladesh (on and offshore).

A database of thirty (30) wells and approximately 10,000 line km of seismic was provided by PETROBANGLA for study purposes. The database includes seismic, tapes and paper prints of wireline logs; laboratory and final well reports, and samples of cuttings, core and fluids.

The study has significantly enhanced current data, and created new data (particularly stratigraphic data), thus allowing a significant body of consistent, compatible data to be interpreted and presented. Key objectives of the study were:

  • Construct a basin-wide lithostratigraphic and biostratigraphic framework as a basis to establishing a non-marine sequence stratigraphy and models of sedimentary facies for such sequences in Bangladesh
  • Investigate the stratigraphic distribution of effective hydrocarbon source rocks in the area
  • Determine the structural style and provide a balanced interpretation of the structural mechanism for the origin of each sub-basin
  • Develop concepts of hydrocarbon entrapment emphasizing such subjects as the timing of hydrocarbon entrapment versus reservoir diagenesis, the drainage area versus seal continuity, and the migration trends versus paleostructure attitude, and eventually identify areas where hydrocarbons would be entrapped
  • Establish correlations between reservoir quality and depositional/diagenetic units, and evaluate controls on reservoir quality and seal effectiveness
  • Develop a summary of the petroleum geology and hydrocarbon potential of Bangladesh
  • Provide a digital database of laboratory and well data including electric logs for Bangladesh

Four (4) bound interpretive volumes are provided . These volumes are fully illustrated with seismic sections, analytical data and regional data in the form of maps, isopachs and cross sections. In addition, all laboratory data and well logs are appended to the final report in digital format.