Brazil – Deepwater Campos Basin

Available in RAPID

Reservoir characterization data pertaining to the deepwater reservoirs of the Campos Basin is critical to many companies’ evaluation program in Brazil. This data is generally not available to companies other than Petrobras. Restrictions governing the sampling of core have prevented such a database being generated on an individual basis or indeed basin-wide. Core Laboratories and its partners have obtained approval (under Ordinance 114) to describe, sample and analyze cores and cuttings samples from twenty-eight (28) wells in the Campos Basin. The study was completed in 2004.

The study will focus on determining the depositional facies and environments of the slope and deepwater turbidite reservoirs, along with their petrographic and petrophysical properties. In addition, high resolution, quantitative biostratigraphical analyses will be performed on drill cutting samples in order to place the cored intervals into a regional stratigraphic framework. The analysis of seal rocks and their hydrocarbon column capacity will compliment the reservoir description. These types of data and interpretations, integrated into a regional database, will significantly enhance participating companies’ understanding of these deepwater reservoirs for improved exploration and exploitation efforts. All of these data, besides being provided in individual well reports and in a final report, will be accessible digitally across the internet in Core Laboratories’ RAPID database system.

The primary objective of the project is to provide each participating company with detailed geological, biostratigraphical, and petrophysical characterization and evaluation of numerous conventional reservoir and seal cores taken in the deepwater blocks of the Campos Basin.