Côte d’Ivoire: Regional Reservoirs and Seals

Core Laboratories is pleased to announce the first phase of a series of rock based, geological studies across the West African Transform Basins, providing dataset generation and detailed evaluation of reservoir and seal rocks across the region; Phase I – Cote d’Ivoire was initiated end 2009

The study will be undertaken in partnership with Petroci who will provide access to national archives of cuttings, conventional cores, fluids, electric logs and technical geological well reports for study purposes. Approximately 60 wells will be selected for detailed analysis.

Primary objectives

The primary objective of the study is to undertake a full evaluation of all major reservoir intervals that are penetrated in the study wells, combined with an evaluation of associated seal rock lithologies, and a full evaluation of fluid occurrences that will be characterized and correlated.

High resolution geological analysis of the full drilled succession in representative wells across the margin will allow systematic reconstruction of basin evolution through time and help elucidate the relationship between the major structural elements and the lateral and vertical distribution of sands, shales and (rare) carbonates observed across the region. In addition to providing an improved understanding of the sedimentation patterns in the Cretaceous to Tertiary succession of the shallow water region, this rock-based fundamental geology approach provides ‘ground truth’ data for interpreting the location of the main sediment transport pathways and sand-filled depocentres within the largely undrilled deepwater blocks, where currently seismic evaluation is the only option.

The key components of the study are as follows:

  • Biostratigraphy/Sequence Stratigraphy of key wells
  • Reservoir Description and Rock Property Evaluation of all major reservoir units
  • Rock Typing of uncored sections
  • Seal Atlas of major seal lithologies
  • Regional Source Rock evaluation and thermal maturity
  • Fluid characterization and correlation
  • Paleogeography Maps (illustrating sediment transport pathways and depocentres)
  • Digital Database of laboratory and well data, including LAS files of the electric logs
  • HTML browser of the study dataset and report.

The study is scheduled for an end 2010 completion.