Deepwater Asia Study*

Available in RAPID

Data pertaining to the deepwater reservoirs is critical to many companies’ evaluation of new opportunities in the Asia Pacific Region. This data is generally not available to companies other than Operators / Partners in specific blocks and to the National Oil Institutions. Restrictions governing the sampling of present deepwater wells have prevented such a database being generated on an individual basis or indeed basin wide prior to this study.

Core Laboratories has reached agreements with the Indonesian (MIGAS) and Philippine (DOE) governments to describe sample and analyze cores, cuttings and fluid samples from fifty (50) wells in their respective countries. The study is due to be completed during Q1, 2007.

Core Laboratories previous deepwater databases/studies in the Gulf of Mexico/ Campos Basin and West Africa will provide a template for the proposed study.

Specifically, the project will focus on the following:

  • Establish a regional stratigraphic framework based on biostratigraphy and cyclostratigraphy
  • Characterize the reservoir quality and petrophysical properties of Deep Water reservoirs
  • Construct a basin-wide geochemical model and identify the functioning elements of the petroleum systems within the established stratigraphic framework
  • Evaluate the seal rocks of the reservoirs

The project will geologically and petrophysically analyze and evaluate rock samples from source rocks, reservoirs and seals represented by conventional cores, sidewall cores,fluid samples and/or drill cutting samples. The data will be provided within individual well reports, an integrated final report, and will also be accessible digitally across the internet in Core Laboratories RAPID database system. This large and searchable database will provide operators with valuable information for geological evaluation and reducing risk.

* Study in Progress