East Natuna, Indonesia

The main technical objective of the study is to generate a geological model for the area. The geological model provides an improved basis for paleogeographic, structural, and hydrocarbon evaluation, and functioning of petroleum systems. A comprehensive database has been provided by PERTAMINA together with open file data. In summary twenty (20) wells, and associated seismic and numerous outcrops and seeps comprise the database of the study.

Currently over forty (40) wells have been drilled in East Natuna. Core Laboratories evaluated twenty (20) key wells for study purposes. This was achieved through the following approach:

  • Construct a basin-wide lithostratigraphic and biostratigraphic framework as a basis to the establishment of a marine sequence stratigraphy and to determine models of sedimentary facies for such sequences in the area
  • Investigate the stratigraphic distribution of mature/effective hydrocarbon source rocks in the area
  • Determine the structural style and provide a balanced interpretation of the structural mechanism for the origin of each basin
  • Address the prospects of encountering accumulations of “high-CO2” natural gases
  • Establish correlations between reservoir quality and depositional/diagenetic units, and evaluate controls on reservoir quality and seal effectiveness
  • Develop a summary of the petroleum geology and hydrocarbon potential of the area
  • Provide a digital database of laboratory and well data, including electric logs for the area.
  • Provide a browser edition of the report and database in HTML format.

Four (4) bound interpretive volumes are provided. These volumes are fully illustrated with seismic sections, analytical data and regional data in the form of maps, isopachs and cross sections. In addition, all laboratory data, well data, figures maps and well logs have been appended to the final report in digital format (CDR). An HTML version of the report is also available.

Conclusions from the analytical and interpretive program were synthesized into a regional petroleum geology analysis, outlining current and proposed play concepts.