East Texas Basin Lower Cretaceous Regional Study


Core Laboratories completed a study of Glen Rose strata in the East Texas Basin, to address problems related to exploration, reservoir evaluation, and exploitation of these Cretaceous Age reservoirs. The objective of the study is to provide participating companies with detailed geological analysis and well log evaluations of the Pettet, James and Rodessa members of the Lower Glen Rose Formation on both a local and regional scale. In addition, selected cores from Alabama Ferry Field and Fort Trinidad Field (Upper Glen Rose Formation, Mooringsport Member) were included.

The study contains geologically and petrophysically evaluated conventional cores from forty-six (46) wells, and electric logs from 358 wells. Regional facies maps and isopach maps were generated for each of the Lower Glen Rose Members. In addition, five (5) regional facies cross sections (three dip sections and two strike sections) were constructed, combining core and well log information.

The data and interpretations for this study are presented in three comprehensive well summary reports. A two-volume final report provides a summary and regional synthesis of geological and petrophysical aspects of the various producing formations.

  • Forty-six (46) wells
  • Conventional core and logs from 358 wells
  • Pettet, James and Rodessa Formations