Equatorial Atlantic, West Africa: Transform Basins of Liberia

The National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) and Core Laboratories are pleased to present this Joint Industry Project, which will provide a comprehensive and up-to-date geological evaluation of well data from the Equatorial Atlantic Transform Basins of Liberia. The fully integrated project database, incorporating stratigraphy, reservoir description and regional geology, will utilize rock material and well log data from 17 offshore exploration wells.

The offshore basins of Liberia have been subject to several phases of exploration drilling in the past few decades. Despite the confirmation of a working petroleum system and notable oil discoveries (e.g. Bee Eater-1 and Narnia-1), it is widely recognized that this area remains vastly underexplored. The sparse drilling information on the Liberian Margin highlights the need for additional geological knowledge to constrain the structural, sedimentological, magmatic and diagenetic controls on reservoir development and reservoir quality in this tectonically complex domain. In a regional context, the Liberian offshore basins share an early syn-rift geological history with the highly productive Suriname-Guyana Basin.