Equatorial Atlantic, West Africa: Transform Basins of Côte d’Ivoire (Phase III)

A regional rock-based evaluation of reservoir, source and seal rock facies.

Petroci and Core Laboratories are pleased to present a comprehensive geological evaluation of well data from the Equatorial Atlantic Cote d’Ivoire Transform Margin. Three phases of project work across the margin utilise rock material and well log data from a total of 92 wells and four boreholes. In addition to providing an improved understanding of the sedimentation patterns of the drilled regions, this rock-based geology database provides ‘ground truth’ data for interpreting the location of the main sediment transport pathways and sand-filled depocentres within the under-explored deepwater blocks on the margin, where seismic evaluation is currently the only option.

The Cote d’Ivoire Phase III study, with 22 wells, represents a significant update to the Cote d’Ivoire datasets previously presented to the industry by Petroci and Core Laboratories, which comprised a shelfal well evaluation in 2011 (57 wells) and a subsequent deepwater extension in 2014 (13 wells and four boreholes). Due to ongoing industry interest in the Equatorial Atlantic region as a whole, there has been significant recent drilling activity on the Ivorian margin. This study includes a number of key exploration wells in the outboard part of the margin, together with additional exploration and appraisal wells located within established inboard basins. The study incorporates stratigraphy, reservoir description, regional geology, geochemistry and seal rock analysis.