Equatorial Atlantic, West Africa: Transform Basins of Ghana and Benin

A regional rock-based evaluation of reservoir, source and seal rock facies.

Presented by Core Laboratories and supported by Petroleum Commission, Ghana and Société Béninoise des Hydrocarbures, Benin.

This rock-based evaluation of reservoirs and seal rock facies in the offshore basins of Ghana and Benin extends a comprehensive study completed in the transform margin in offshore Côte d’Ivoire, adding to Core Laboratories’ significant portfolio of Atlantic Margin studies.

Presented in two modules, Ghana incorporates a database of 67 wells, whilst Benin includes 14 wells. The studies incorporate stratigraphy, petrography and reservoir description, regional geology, and geochemistry, based on rock material obtained from core and cuttings, together with downhole logs and data mined from historic well reports and published literature.