Gabon / North Congo Reservoirs

In response to increased activity in West Africa by both Majors and Independents, Core Laboratories is pleased to announce a significant update and expansion of its Gabon and Northern Congo database.

In 1994 Core laboratories presented a predominantly pre-salt reservoir study of the area containing twenty-four (24) cored wells (c.900 meters). The expanded study presented in this proposal will contains core/cuttings from a further c.34 wells, enabling description/property studies on both the pre and post salt reservoirs. Additionally, a SEAL and Rock Typing analytical program together with high resolution biostratigraphic analyses has extended the scope of the study.

The key components of the expanded and updated study are as follows:

  • Reservoir description and properties of pre and post salt reservoirs
  • Rock typing of uncored sections
  • Additional thirty-four (34) study wells
  • SEAL Atlas of major seal lithologies
  • Biostratigraphy/Sequence Stratigraphy of key wells
  • LAS files of electric logs
  • HTML browser of the study

The study was completed in January 2004.

Participating companies in the study will receive the following:

  • The various geological and petrophysical data generated on the conventional cores and cuttings samples will be compiled, interpreted, and presented to each participating company in a final report.
  • All project figures, maps and image data will be provided to participating companies in browser (HTML) format.
  • All project figures, maps and data will be provided on a DATA DISC
  • A project website is available for participants to down load data/images