Indonesia Coals

The study of the stratigraphic occurrence and hydrocarbon potential of coals in Indonesia is the first database of its kind and quality to become available as an exploration tool in Indonesia. The quantity of samples (over 500) incorporated in the study allows a depth of interpretation previously unparalleled.

The fundamental question of whether coals can generate and expel significant quantities of hydrocarbons has been the subject of a large volume of scientific literature in recent years. The study has generated a data set of over 500 samples to address the various problems associated with generation and expulsion of hydrocarbons from coal.

The stratigraphic distribution of coals in Indonesian sedimentary basins has been described in detail to provide a context for the sophisticated geochemical analyses, thus making the study an invaluable aid to explorationists and new ventures managers evaluating potential source units in their areas.

State-of-the-art geochemical analytical techniques used on a comprehensive range of coals have provided a reference benchmark of coals and coaly shale source rocks in Indonesia. All interpretations were carried out by a team of experienced petroleum geochemists, geologists and coal petrologists to maximize the utility of the study. A complete set of analytical data is provided with the study along with detailed color graphics summarizing trends and crossplots of parameters to provide an easy reference for comparison. Spatial and temporal trends have been mapped to allow quick access for basin modeling. In addition all laboratory data are available in digital format.

The study was completed in 1993.