Montney Phase II – Liquids Play A Regional Study

Reservoir Characterization and Production Properties

The Integrated Reservoir Solutions Division of Core Laboratories is proposing to interested companies participation in a multi-company, geo-engineering study of the Montney in the liquids area(s) as a Phase II project. This Phase II project consists of the characterization and evaluation of numerous new and legacy conventional cores and rotary sidewall core samples taken from multiple wells targeting the liquids-rich portion of the Montney. Specifically, these sections will be analyzed for geological, petrophysical, geomechanical, geochemical, and production properties. This data will be integrated with well logs, stimulation designs, and production test information. This large and searchable database will provide operators information from their own wells within the study as well as all other participating operator’s project wells.

Each company joining the Montney Phase II project will be required to contribute new core from two (2) “key” wells and public domain core from two (2) “recon” wells for analysis and evaluation. Participating companies will also be required to provide open-hole log suites, completion and production data for the “key” wells for inclusion in the database. Companies joining this Montney Phase II project will also receive access to the Montney Phase I project database with forty (40) cored wells (Figure 1).