Montney Shale Regional Study

Reservoir Characterization and Production Properties

Currently, numerous oil and gas companies are directing their efforts toward the exploration and exploitation of the Triassic Montney Formation in northeastern British Columbia and western Alberta. Major facies include fine-grained shoreface sandstones, shelf siltstones and shales, fine-grained turbidites and organic-rich phosphatic shale. This project focuses on the evaluation of gas shale and mudstones (shales and siltstones) in this formation. Both the B.C. and Alberta governments have performed limited studies of the Montney, but these studies have been directed at estimating the size and potential of the resource play in terms of original-gas-in-place. In contrast, this project is designed to improve 1) reservoir characterization, 2) development of core-calibrated petrophysical log models, 3) prediction of potential producibility, and 4) optimizing fracture stimulation techniques in order to maximize production. Many companies either do not have or have limited rock property data that are crucial for understanding these reservoirs. Therefore, in order to properly evaluate and explore these gas shales and mudstones, appropriate types of rock property data need to be measured and integrated with log data, stimulation techniques, and production test information. These integrated data sets and case histories will provide operators with the critical parameters to optimize their exploitation of the Montney, thereby, reducing finding and development costs.

The Integrated Reservoir Solutions Division of Core Laboratories is proposing to interested companies participation in a multi-company, geo-engineering study of the Montney gas shales and mudstones. This project consists of the characterization and evaluation of numerous new conventional cores, rotary sidewall cores, and drill cutting samples taken from multiple wells targeting the Montney. Specifically, these prospective shale and mudstone sections will be analyzed for geological, petrophysical, geomechanical, geochemical, and production properties. These data will be integrated with well logs, stimulation designs, and production test information. This large and searchable database will provide operators with valuable information not only on their own wells within these shale and mudstone sections, but also on other operator’s wells. The project will be focused on evaluating numerous Montney wells in British Columbia and Alberta.