Morrow Regional Study


The Morrow Regional Study was designed to provide participating companies with detailed geological, petrophysical and engineering characterization and evaluation of reservoir rock samples from 128 wells with conventional core or cuttings penetrating the Morrow Clastic Section within the Delaware Basin.

The results of this study provide participating companies with data to:

  • Better define sandstone reservoir units from the standpoint of depositional patterns, reservoir geometries, and vertical/lateral reservoir continuity
  • Define the regional distribution of various types of sandstone mineral, textural, and pore space properties for reservoir-quality Morrow rocks, particularly those associated with cements and diagenetic clay components
  • More accurately interpret and evaluate hydrocarbon-bearing Morrow sandstones from wireline logs
  • Select drilling fluids and procedures which are most compatible with various Morrow reservoir types in order to minimize formation damage
  • Design well completion and/or stimulation treatments for more successful and efficient production of hydrocarbons
  • Optimize development well locations within a particular Morrow field
  • Provide an overall geological database for both lease acquisition and exploration/exploitation efforts for Morrow sands within the general study area

A final summary report contains a complete compilation, synthesis, and regional interpretation of all geological, petrophysical, and engineering data generated. This final report provides a comprehensive database yielding significant observations and conclusions concerning Morrow sandstone reservoir properties applicable to improved exploration, exploitation, and drilling, completion and stimulation activities.

  • 128 wells
  • Conventional core and cuttings
  • Morrow Clastic Section – Delaware Basin