Oklahoma Geochemical Study

This study geochemically characterizes crude oil reservoirs in the Cambro-Ordovician Arbuckle Group of Oklahoma and determines their relationships with younger oils and potential source rocks. Ninety-five (95) crude oils, oil seep, and 1,050 cuttings and cores from forty-one (41) wells in Oklahoma and far north Texas were analyzed using routine geochemical techniques. The oils are from Arbuckle, other Ordovician, Silurian-Devonian, Mississippian, Pensylvanian, and Cretaceous reservoirs. The possible source rock samples range in age from Cambro-Ordovician (Arbuckle) to Pennsylvanian.

  • Forty-one (41) wells
  • Ninety-five (95) crude oils and oil seeps
  • 1,050 cuttings and cores