Peru: Regional Reservoirs and Seals

The basins of Peru have long provided technical and financial reward with Oil and Gas plays in the major basins both on and offshore. However current players in the region are looking at a number of alternative plays. Many such plays involve complex reservoir systems and require accurate data to input into basin modeling programs.

This study aims to evaluate all reservoir systems within the drilled succession from c. 69 wells and to evaluate regional and local seals within a newly established correlative framework. Additional outcrop samples may also be utilized where no wells penetrate targeted reservoirs. A total of c.4000 feet of core are available for study.

Specifically, the project will focus on the following:

  • Establish a regional stratigraphic framework based on biostratigraphy, chemostratigraphy and cyclostratigraphy,
  • Characterize the reservoir quality and petrophysical properties of all drilled reservoir lithologies in cored and uncored sections.
  • Evaluate the seal rocks of the reservoirs both locally and regionally.

The study Report will be available in two phases which will be available combined or separately:

Phase I – Onshore Basins
Phase II – Offshore Basins

Project components

The primary objective of this project is to provide operators with key geological and petrophysical data derived from the evaluation of rock samples from numerous reservoirs and their seals. These data and interpretations will allow operators to improve their formation evaluation, assessment of reservoir quality, prediction of reservoir quality in un-drilled areas, and seal integrity evaluation within a correlative framework. Specifically, the study will provide participants with the following analyses, data, and interpretations.

The key components of the study are as follows:

  • Reservoir Description and Rock Properties Evaluation of all major reservoirs
  • Rock Typing of uncored sections
  • Seal Atlas of major seal lithologies
  • Regional Source Rock evaluation and thermal maturity
  • Biostratigraphy/Sequence Stratigraphy of key wells
  • Digital Database of laboratory and well data, including LAS files of the electric logs
  • HTML browser of the study dataset and report