Powder River Basin Regional Study

The Powder River Basin Regional Study was designed to provide participating companies with detailed geological, petrophysical, and associated engineering characterization and evaluation of Muddy-Newcastle, Minnelusa-Leo, Dakota-Fall River and Frontier-Turner sandstones. The primary objectives for this study are as follows:

  • Describe, document, and interpret sandstone lithology, vertical sequences, and the character of various lithofacies present within conventional cores.
  • Define, document, and evaluate sandstone mineralogy, textural, and pore space properties for pay and potential pay identification.
  • Measure and analyze rock logging and fluid-flow parameters for samples representative of the spectrum of reservoir quality rock types from each of the four formations studied.
  • Correlate the basin-wide distributions of formations and zones of interest studied from normalized depth shifted wireline logs.
  • Analyze geological and petrophysical data from each formation in order to provide a better understanding of initial production performance for wells with DST’s in the zones of interest and recommend revised or improved will completion and stimulation procedures.

The project contains a total of eighty-three (83) conventional cores of Muddy, Minnelusa, Frontier and Dakota Formations, along with available wireline logs, production history, and previous core analyses.

  • Eighty-three (83) wells
  • Muddy, Minnelusa, Frontier and Dakota formations