Pre-Salt Brazil – Santos and Campos Basins

Core Laboratories is pleased to present a regional rock-based evaluation of the Pre-Salt reservoirs of the Santos and Campos Basins, based on core, cuttings and well log data from approximately 70 representative wells. The study will provide a comprehensive evaluation of the extent and quality of all reservoir intervals within a correlative stratigraphic framework. Core Laboratories expects to complete over 2000 metres of core description, which will be incorporated into systematic digital sedimentological evaluation of the full drilled Pre-Salt succession in all study wells.

In the past ten years, the discovery of very large oil accumulations within Pre-Salt carbonate reservoirs on the Brazilian South Atlantic Margin have led to a major rejuvenation of industry interest in the deepwater and ultra-deepwater domains of the Santos and Campos Basins. These now represent an established ‘world class’ petroleum province for the Pre-Salt play however reservoir rock heterogeneity presents a significant challenge for appraisal and production at all scales. A particular focus of the project will be to help address these issues by furthering our understanding of the controls on reservoir presence and reservoir quality in the study area.

Across the Atlantic Margin of Brazil, Core Laboratories has built up comprehensive datasets from more than 300 wells, extending from the Santos Basin in the south, to the Sergipe-Alagoas Basin in the north. This study builds on our regional datasets and experience in the transform margin.