Regional Reservoir and Seal Study Mozambique Basins

Core Laboratories is pleased to announce that we have reached an Agreement with INP to jointly undertake a Regional Reservoir and Seal study of the basins of Mozambique. This study will be a significant new addition to our series of rock based geological studies in East Africa, which will provide new dataset generation and a detailed evaluation of reservoir, source and seal rocks within a correlative stratigraphic and structural framework, from c. 40 wells across the coastal region of Mozambique.

This project aims to provide an overview of the geological datasets generated during the earlier and recent exploration campaigns within the coastal basins of Mozambique, and aims to demonstrate that, although the number of wells drilled has been relatively low relative to the vast acreage in the region, the well log data and rock samples generated by these multiple drilling phases constitute a valuable source of geological information, that can still be closely investigated for clues to the tectonic evolution of the margin. The study should be completed by Q4 2014 and data will be available on the website as the study progresses from February 2014.