Reservoirs and Seals, Onshore and Offshore Basins of Gabon

Core Laboratories, under authorization of the DGH, Gabon (Director General Hydrocarbons), are pleased to present a comprehensive and fully integrated multi-disciplinary study of the Reservoirs and Seals, Onshore and Offshore Gabon. The project geological dataset will incorporate stratigraphy, geochemistry, reservoir geology and seal rock analysis based on core, cuttings, SWC, well log data and fluid samples from approximately 100 representative wells across the margin.

Core Laboratories has previously undertaken a number of pan-regional Pre-Salt and Post-Salt studies across the South Atlantic Margin that incorporated Gabon wells, however a fundamental advantage of this project is that DGH have made available an extensive portfolio of shelfal and deepwater wells drilled during the past 20 years. This study thus allows expansion of our rock-based evaluation into areas previously lacking in data, through inclusion of recently drilled key deepwater wells.