A Regional Geo-engineering and Geophysical Study
of the SCOOP-STACK Oklahoma

The Integrated Reservoir Solutions Division of Core Laboratories and TGS are proposing to interested companies participation in a multi-company, geo-engineering study of the SCOOP-STACK Oklahoma which compliments our ongoing study of the underlying Woodford Shale in Oklahoma.

  • Construct database consisting of geological, petrophysical, geomechanical, and geochemical properties
  • Characterize and evaluate numerous conventional cores targeting the SCOOP-STACK Oklahoma to:
    • Predict production potential
    • Determine landing zones for horizontal wells
    • Estimate EUR
    • Optimize fracture stimulation techniques
  • TGS’s extended log coverage will be used to enhance regional geological and petrophysical interpretations
  • Rock property data will be integrated with log data, stimulation techniques, production and seismic information
  • Regional stratigraphic cross sections will be constructed and attribute maps generated
  • Stratigraphic models will be applied to the interpretation of template lines derived from TGS’s existing 3-D seismic survey in the area

Project Objectives:

  • Geologically characterize and classify the SCOOP-STACK Oklahoma and measure the various petrophysical properties.
  • Measure and characterize the organic content.
  • Develop petrophysical models to determine SCOOP-STACK Oklahoma formation properties.
  • Integrate the core data with well logs, fracture stimulation techniques, and production tests.
  • Provide a regional assessment.
  • Develop relationships from the database to aid in evaluating various rock physics seismic attribute volumes calibrated to core.
  • Develop a “SCOOP-STACK Oklahoma Rock Catalog” to aid in the evaluation of properties from drill cuttings and logs.
  • Provide a searchable database for SCOOP-STACK Oklahoma properties that can be used as analogs.