Smackover Study (Ark-La State Line)

The Arkansas-Louisiana State Line Trend Smackover Core Study provides a synthesis of the observations and conclusion drawn from analyses of 1,546 feet of conventional core from twenty (20) wells.

The objectives of this study are to completely characterize geologically and petrophysically Smackover reservoir rocks from conventional cores. Methodology included:

  • Describe and sedimentologically analyze the cored intervals, leading to the development of a depositional model with emphasis placed on improved delineation of Smackover reservoirs
  • Identify porous zones, pore types, pore system properties, and diagenetic alterations that affect reservoir potential
  • Determine the petrophysical properties of reservoir rocks for improved formation evaluation

An individual report on each of the twenty (20) wells is included in this study. Each well report contains text sections that include descriptions, interpretations, and evaluations of reservoir potential, core-to-log and facies-to-log correlations, detailed core descriptions and core photography, whole thin section photographs, thin section and SEM photomicrographs, routine core analysis data for the entire cored interval, and a log-derived petrophysical evaluation of cored zones.

The final report provides an executive summary of the study results discussion on the geological setting and major facies and depositional environments encountered. There is a section that focuses on stratigraphic relationships and depositional models, diagenesis and controls of reservoir quality. A separate section addresses petrophysical properties and advanced rock properties from the twenty (20) study wells.

  • Twenty (20) wells
  • 1,546 feet conventional core