Tatum Basin Regional Study

A regional geologic and petrophysical study of Virgilian (Late Pennsylvanian) and Wolfcampian (early Permian) carbonate rocks within the Tatum Basin of New Mexico was conducted with special emphasis placed on the Bough “A”, “B”, “C”, and “D” zones and the informal Lower Wolfcamp Members of the Cisco and Hueco Formations. The Study area includes the northern part of Lea County and the southern portion of Roosevelt County in New Mexico. This basin is bounded on the north by the Roosevelt Uplift and on the south by the Artesia-Vacuum Trend which coincides with the northern edge of the Delaware Basin. Project results include:

  • The description, documentation and delineation of the carbonate facies in the Permo Pennsylvanian strata of the Tatum Basin of southeastern New Mexico in developing a depositional model for the study area
  • The characterization of porous intervals and the delineation of depositional and diagenetic controls on porosity
  • The production and refinement of conventional core to wireline correlations
  • A lithologic data base to be utilized by the exploration and/or development geologists, along with participating company’s own structural data and stratigraphic correlations, to aid in prospect delineation

Over 1,800 feet of conventional core has been geologically described and photographed. Thin section petrographic analysis, routine core analysis (porosity, permeability, and grain density) and special core analysis (stressed porosity and permeability at confining pressure), effective oil permeability, electrical properties and mercury capillary pressure were performed. The samples analyzed by special core analysis techniques were also examined with the scanning electron microscope and through X-ray diffraction. A final report summarizes the geological observations and petrophysical results from the analyses performed on the conventionally cored wells in this study.

  • 1,800 feet conventional core
  • Late Pennsylvanian – Early Permian
  • Cisco and Hueco formations