Timor Gap / Bonaparte Basin

In response to the 1990 gazettal of “ZOCA” blocks by the Australian and Indonesian Governments, Core Laboratories completed a Petroleum Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential Study of the Timor Gap and Bonaparte Basin. The study encompassed all elements of a “Petroleum System” with a database of over fourteen (14) analyzed wells and over 15,000 km of seismic. The study has been updated and reformatted in light of current ZOCA block success, and the opportunities arising from ZOCA 1995 blocks and farm in gazettals. The study is based on:

  • Interpretation of over 15,000 km of seismic data
  • Detailed Geochemical, Biostratigraphic, Petrographic and Petrophysical analyses of rock samples from over fourteen (14) wells
  • Detailed Geochemical characterization of oils to the west of the Timor Gap and oil seeps to the north on Timor Island
  • Computerized thermal maturity modeling
  • Advanced formation evaluation of key wells

Four (4) bound volumes including text, figures and tables are produced together with diskettes of digital analytical data. The interpretive report includes:

  • Geophysical Structure Maps
  • Geochemical Source and Maturity Maps
  • Prospect Identification and Play Concept Map
  • Cross Sections
  • Paleogeographic Maps
  • Net Sand Reservoir Maps
  • Log and Biostratigraphic Correlations
  • Geochemical Well Profiles
  • Illustrative Seismic Sections
  • Bathymetric Base Maps