Travis Peak – Hosston Sandstones Study

The Integrated Reservoir Solutions division of Core Laboratories is offering to interested companies participation in a project designed to optimize operators’ exploitation of Travis Peak – Hosston reservoirs in the East Texas and North Louisiana areas. Recent discussions with several operators in the trend indicate that many operators are having common problems in the formation evaluation, well completion, stimulation and production aspects of Travis Peak – Hosston reservoirs. These technical issues include but are not limited to the following:

  • What are the various reservoir rock types and their petrophysical properties, and how do they vary regionally?
  • What is Rw and the appropriate water saturation model for the reservoir and does it change by zone and/or regionally?
  • What are pay recognition criteria for the Travis Peak – Hosston and how do these criteria change regionally?
  • What are the optimal completion and stimulation fluids?
  • What is the optimal fracture stimulation design(s) to maximize production?
  • How can production performance be predicted to aid in completion decisions?

These problems can only be solved from the geological, petrophysical and completion/stimulation analysis and evaluation of wells with either conventional cores or rotary sidewall cores. The resultant data can be used to calibrate open-hole logs in order to better predict rock types and petrophysical properties essential for formation evaluation and proper well completion and stimulation designs. The rock types and their measured petrophysical properties can also serve as analogs when evaluating new reservoirs in wildcats or field step outs.

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