Worldwide Rock Catalog™ Phase 2

Expanding the Catalog of Geological and Engineering Properties for Sandstones and Carbonates

Core Laboratories is pleased to offer membership in a Joint Industry Project designed to accelerate and validated emerging artificial intelligence technologies aimed at characterizing and evaluating the geological, petrophysical, and engineering properties of sandstone and carbonate rock types as well as expanding the current Worldwide Rock Catalog™ to cover a broader spectrum of reservoir rock types for improved exploration and production related formation evaluation.

Modern technologies like ART™, MicroCT, Continuous-XRF and pore networking modeling will all be applied to enhance and expand the current Worldwide Rock Catalog™.

This Worldwide Rock Catalog™ project was initiated in 1985 in association with Dr. Robert M. Sneider and the joint participation of ten (10) companies. Project participation is approaching forty (40) companies and continues to grow.

In exploration and exploitation activities geologists, petrophysicists and engineers make assumptions about reservoir-rock formation evaluation parameters when there is no available data. These assumptions can have a pronounced impact on decisions and economics. This database is designed to reduce the risk and improve the estimation of these parameters resulting in improved formation evaluation and prediction of production performance. Core Lab uses a proven system of classifying reservoir rock types that will provide the link between a “zone of interest” and an analog rock type in the database. Geoscientists and engineers can access the rock property data by rock type, formation, depositional facies, log parameters, petrophysical properties, etc. The rock property data is organized and presented in a standardized digital catalog format that is available anywhere there is internet. The project currently has well over 150 fully characterized productive reservoir rock types and is expanding rapidly. It is the largest rock property database commercially available today.

The objectives of the Worldwide Rock Catalog™ Phase 2 are:

  • Modernize the current reference manual containing “analog” sandstone and carbonate rock types for more accurate estimates of formation parameters
  • Expand the current comprehensive geological and engineering data base over a broader spectrum of sandstone and carbonate rock types
  • Define relationships and correlations between image recognition Advanced Rock Typing, 3D MicroCT Lattice Boltzmann Modeling and laboratory measured petrophysical data and estimates of reservoir rock properties from visual observations of core, sidewall, and/or rock cuttings material.
  • Available in RAPID™ and RAPIDAnalytics™
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