Conventional Systems

Conventional perforating systems are widely used in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs. Utilize Core Laboratories’ legacy-shaped charges and industry-standard perforating systems with conventional conveyance methods (TCP and E-line).

Our Services & Products

Tubing Conveyed Perforating systems and associated hardware offer safety and reliability for completions and remediation in harsh environments.

HTD Blast™

Horizontal time delay system allows perforating of multiple intervals in a single run.


Next-generation TCP Technology reduces rig and gun loading time while increasing operational safety.

Firing & Release Systems

Full range of TCP firing heads and release systems.

Differential Subs & Circulating Valves

Temporary or removable barriers to isolate downhole pressure during tubing installation.

Auxiliary TCP Equipment

Systems can be utilized multiple times and are available for different sizes and configurations.

Scalloped Carriers

Developed to provide improved perforating charge performance with high reliability.


High-shot density perf placement and enhanced flow performance of cement squeeze.


Freely rotating gun system that allows 10° shot orientation adjustments in horizontal completions.

Designed to pass through the existing production tubing and reach the target zone. Through tubing gun systems have several advantages, such as reducing rig time, minimizing formation damage, and enabling selective perforating.


Run larger perforating charges in large-diameter casing strings, even with tubing restrictions.


Optimized charges for deeper penetration.