Corporate Citizenship

Core Laboratories supports local communities all over the world through our contributions of resources and the involvement of our employees, particularly when we can leverage of technical capabilities to provide a higher level outcome for those that we are supporting. We prefer to support efforts aimed at improving education in science, technology and business. It’s our way of giving back to the community which we feel is very important in order to improve career and social opportunities for young adults around the globe. Core Laboratories does not contribute or donate cash or any of its resources to any political parties or political candidates. Examples of support provided to community groups and organizations include the following charitable organizations:

Helping Hands
Helping Hands

The Helping Hands Program builds prosthetic hands that are donated to amputees who are victims of landmines.

A joint workshop was facilitated by Woodside Petroleum and 30 staff from Core Lab Malaysia. These volunteers helped build prosthetic hands while becoming more aware of how hand injuries can have a devastating effect on the livelihood of employees and their families. Our special thanks to Ben van Deijl of Woodside Energy Limited for facilitating the event.

SOS Children’s Villages International is a global federation working to protect and care for children who have lost parental care, or who stand at risk of losing it. They work with communities, partners, and states to ensure that the rights of children, in every society, are fulfilled.

Core Lab supports SOS Children’s Villages International to ensure those children most in need can have a brighter future and ultimately help their communities lift themselves out of poverty.

Core Lab Jet-Net
Core Lab Jet Net

Jet-Net – Youth and Technology Network Netherlands - is a joint venture between Dutch companies and pre-college schools in the Netherlands. Jet-Net companies help schools enhance the appeal of their science curriculum by using a great variety of activities and also allow students to gain a better understanding of their future career prospects in industry and technology.

We actively participate in the initiative by giving guest lectures and supporting a Beta Market where students can get acquainted with technical professions.

We also allow students to work on their thesis on an energy related topic, which is part of their graduation criterion.

Core Lab Junior Achievement
Core Lab Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement is a nonprofit organization that brings awareness to the community about the importance of educating our students on the concepts of financial literacy, workforce readiness, and entrepreneurship. Junior Achievement currently reaches students by implementing fun, experiential programs taught by volunteers from local businesses, organizations, and individuals from the surrounding community.

Core Laboratories' employees have volunteered to become role models who show students how to achieve personal and professional success. By making a commitment to be a volunteer in elementary, middle, or high school, we make a difference! As a Junior Achievement volunteer we have the unique opportunity to make a positive impact on a student's life, and that difference may lead to their future success.

Core Lab Joint Aid Management
Core Lab Joint Aid Management

Joint Aid Management (JAM) is a South African based non-profit organization working in Mozambique since 1984. The JAM program seeks to empower communities and school children with agricultural skills and at the same time building resilient communities in food security programs.

Core Laboratories partnered with JAM to design, facilitate and sponsor the rehabilitation of the school dwelling and desks for the Mapihe Primary School of which 126 children will attend.

IPAA/PESA Petroleum Academy Summer Externship Program is a joint effort between the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA), Petroleum Equipment Suppliers Association (PESA) and E&P supporting companies. This externship program provides high school students who attend energy related magnet high schools in Houston and Fort Worth to participate in a two-week job shadowing opportunity where they receive hands-on education and insight into a career in the Oil & Gas Industry. It is an impactful program to support STEM education in a real world, year round setting culminating in the summer externship.

Core Laboratories has been acknowledged as a major supporter of the Petroleum Academy program since 2006 through board membership, student tours, guest speaker & financial support. Core Laboratories’ employees have welcomed the students since 2010 as members of the Core Laboratories family, worked with them to enhance their understanding of applied sciences & business process, and encouraged them to pursue higher education in engineering & geosciences & ultimately, careers in our industry.

Freedom Service Dogs raises and trains puppies to be highly specialized service dogs for returning veterans in need; helping them find a new level of independence when transitioning back into society.

Since 2013, Core Lab has led the effort to raise over $2 million. Core Lab’s monetary and fund-raising contributions and program commitment supported the training and placement of 10 service dogs with veterans in 2020. Each dog costs ~$35,000 to raise and train, and are given at no charge to veterans for life.

The 2020 Faces of Freedom event in Midland on September 18th raised $114K and, due to COVID 19, was the only fundraising event that FSD was able to hold in 2020.

Go to this link to witness how Rick and Blue Jay have bonded

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