Maximizing well-productivity for our clients requires the deployment of high-performance perforating charges and a streamlined supply chain system to reduce inventory cost. Core Laboratories provides our clients fast delivery of scientifically engineered energetics. Our seamless supply chain and automated perforating production ensures fast, reliable, cost-effective perforating solutions tailored to your well performance requirements.


  • With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Core Lab offers the widest range of high-performance perforating charges.
  • World-class, energetic solutions tailored to address specific downhole applications.
  • Our customizable perforating systems combine affordability, flexibility, and quality, no matter the downhole application. 

Our Services

Our consistent hole charges are engineered to deliver consistent, fit-for-purpose holes and to reduce variance between phasing for more uniform erosion and stimulation.


Enhanced charge performance for extreme, limited entry and oriented completions.


Consistent hole sizes to equalize perforation friction and minimize the effects of tortuosity.


Rethink the way you re-complete.
Consistent holes through multiple strings.

Deep, clean perforation tunnels create a best-case permeable connection between the wellbore and the productive reservoir. Our HERO® charges provide deep penetration with lower associated debris and skin damage.


Super deep penetrating charges tuned for stressed rock conditions.


Extreme deep penetration without the debris associated with other high-density liner materials.

Core Lab’s PAC line is specifically designed to provide a variety of options that generate greater consistency when trying to do a cement squeeze or circulate through various annuli.


Attain 100% radial coverage without compromising the integrity of the outer casing string.


Enhance your flow performance in cement squeeze applications.


Ultra-high shot density gun system with a phasing orientation that is optimally designed for P&A perf wash operations.


High-shot density optimized for pressure distribution and cement breakup.

Limit the production of unwanted formation sand when perforating with our patented line of Phantom® charges.


Decrease debris left in the wellbore, while maximizing the area open to flow.

Our Thru-Tubing Systems’ charges offer higher explosive loads to maximize perforation performance, even in wellbores with tubing restrictions.


Run larger perforating charges in large-diameter casing strings, even with tubing restrictions.


Optimized charges for deeper penetration.

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