SPE Workshop: Completion Optimization focused on the Near Wellbore Region – Methods, Techniques and Technologies that are Critical for Continued Process Improvement

CST, November 6-8, 2023 · Conference

Session: Parent Child Interactions – Depletion Focused

Session Chairpersons: Dick Leonard, ProTechnics; Joel Mazza, Fracture ID

Infill development is becoming more prevalent across North America’s unconventional plays. This session will cover current technologies being utilized for depletion mapping/modeling and resulting production optimization strategies employed during the drilling and completion phases of child well development. 


Chad Senters

Presentation: Feature-Driven Interactions: Near-Wellbore Strategies and Basin Benchmarking Metrics

Kevin Wutherich

Presentation: Case Studies Showing the Use of Near-Wellbore Data in Child Wells to Proactively Mitigate Negative Effects of FDIs

Mary Van Domelen
Well Data Labs

Presentation: Using Sealed Wellbore Pressure Monitoring (SWPM) to Quantify the Impact of Depletion on Asymmetric Fracture Growth