Fluid Characterization

Understanding the properties and behaviors of fluids in subsurface reservoirs is important for developing exploration strategies, estimating reserves, optimizing hydrocarbon recovery and planning field development and production methods. 

Fluid Characterization Services & Products

Fluid Sampling and On-Site Analyses

Expertly trained field engineers ensure the collection of the appropriate type, quantity and volume of samples.

Critical and time-sensitive evaluation of oil, gas, and water can be performed on-site.

Compositional Analysis

Involves the detailed examination of the quantity and distribution of hydrocarbons and other components in oil and gas samples using advanced chromatography techniques to gain insights into product value, emissions, quality and reservoir continuity. 

Phase Behavior

Pressure-Volume-Temperature (PVT) measurements provide crucial data for reservoir management, production optimization, and predictive modeling in reservoir simulations. 

Fluid and Gas Geochemistry

Geochemical characterization of crude oil and produced gases can assist with quality, source, and composition. Further understand the distribution of liquid hydrocarbons within a reservoir and its compartments.

Production and Analytical Chemistry

Understanding the physical and chemical properties of formation water, hydrocarbons, scales and deposits is critical for formation evaluation, crude valuation, facilities design, production planning, and flow assurance. 

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Understanding the chemical and physical behavior during secondary and tertiary recovery processes is critical for maximizing hydrocarbon recovery and minimizing residual oil saturation.

Flow Assurance

Multiple disciplines and tests designed to identify substances that can hinder the transport of fluids and provide mitigation solutions to ensure economic and uninterrupted flow of hydrocarbons.

Sample Storage

A wide range of sample management, sample storage and cylinder rental services that complement reservoir fluid characterization studies.   

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