Formation Damage

Formation damage limits daily production and severely reduces the ultimate recovery from the field by up to 25%. These economics make the avoidance and mitigation of formation damage a top priority. To ensure the maximum return possible, you frequently have to stimulate the reservoir to yield additional production. The reservoir rock and fluid data dictate the most effective way to complete the well and stimulate the formation. If it is completed improperly, the producing formation will be damaged; and hydrocarbon flow to the wellbore will be impaired.

Core Lab conducts a wide array of flow studies and related testing to evaluate the potential for fluids contacting a reservoir creating production impairment. Typical fluids evaluated are the base fluids and components used in completion and fracturing work. Mud damage and mud filtrate damage studies are also possible with specialized equipment to simulate circulation in the wellbore. Some of the standard studies available are listed below. Customized studies can be designed to meet specific needs.

Formation Damage studies include:

  • Fluid compatibility and critical velocity flood testing
  • Fracturing and gravel packing fluid formation damage testing
  • Mud damage and removal evaluations
  • Matrix acidizing of sandstones and carbonate formations
  • Capability to flow brine, oils and methane gas
  • Capability to evaluate very low permeability down to 1 microdarcy
  • Custom designed equipment and test procedures to meet customer exact needs

Supporting Formation Damage Services:

  • Routine core analysis to establish baseline data
  • X-ray diffraction analysis to verify mineralogy
  • Scanning electron microscopy
  • Thin section analysis and photography
  • Acid solubility and ion analysis

Formation Damage Services

Formation Damage Evaluation and Simulation, FDES-200

Formation Damage Evaluation and Simulation is designed to measure the effect on the permeability of reservoir rock samples from various drilling and completion fluids at reservoir pressure and temperature.

Formation Damage Core Holder- DFCH Series

These core holders are designed to allow the flow of a drilling fluid across the core face. The direction of the flow is perpendicular to the core face.

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