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Integrated Reservoir Solutions

A Core Laboratories Reservoir Description business unit created to conduct specialized Reservoir Optimization projects. Our mission is to provide Core Lab customers with a quality and timely solution to their reservoir problems by integrating the various technologies of the Core Lab divisions. Watch Integrated Reservoir Solutions video.

Joint Industry Projects

With over 100 regional studies performed throughout the world, Integrated Reservoir Solutions has expertise in your area of interest. Our rock catalogs make it possible to search for analogs when physically measured core data is lacking. When accessed through our RAPID™ database, multiple studies can be searched on multiple levels.

Data Management

Core Laboratories developed RAPID™, an innovative technology that makes data available in a timely fashion integrating multiple data sets into a coherent data package that is available at all times through our secure CoreClientWeb to our clients and their partners.

Proprietary Projects

Drawing from the wide variety of current technologies offered by Core Lab, we have developed programs to address current drilling and production challenges faced by our clients. They are a result of numerous large-scale reservoir management projects where Core Lab has applied proprietary and state-of-the-art techniques from the very earliest phases of exploration through the last stages of production.


Workshops & Schools

Excellent opportunity for the consortia participants to hear live presentations, view multiple cores, and evaluate data for their area of interest. Workshops for ongoing projects are generally conducted annually. The Two Day Shale School is for geologists, petrophysicists and engineers interested in learning the state-of-the-art techniques for characterizing shale reservoirs and the parameters that influence production properties.

Project Spotlight

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