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The Reservoirs Applied Petrophysical Integrated Data service (RAPID™) is a web-enabled Oracle® database application for organizing, archiving, retrieving, and summarizing geological and petrophysical data. RAPID database technology provides centralized, consistent, and accessible data storage in a secure format.

RAPID is designed to meet the specific technical needs of the exploration and production industry and promotes sharing of critical data among asset team members and business units. Productivity is enhanced by reducing the amount of time spent retrieving data. RAPID provides a platform from which sophisticated database queries can be made on multiple levels from user-friendly dynamic web pages. The query is processed, and the results are presented in a web page.

When coupled with Core Lab's Worldwide Rock Catalog, RAPID can be used to search for reservoir analogs when conventional core material is unavailable.

  • Available on Your Server or Ours.
  • RIB®-View™ Integrated Data Presentations.
  • GIS Capability when Core Lab Hosts Your Data.
  • Find Reservoir Analogs
  • Search on Multiple Levels.
  • Export Data in a Variety of Formats.
  • RAPIDLink™ to work with Spotfire™ together.

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