Pipe Recovery

Pipe Recovery operations are usually an unwanted and difficult necessity that create unforeseen problems at every turn. The oilfield “Fisherman” is tasked with trying to recover the pipe quickly and efficiently. Core Laboratories provides the product of choice with downhole explosive and auxiliary equipment for Pipe Recovery.

Our Services

Effectively retrieve casing before abandoning a well, cut tubing when it cannot be pulled out, or prepare the well for other interventions. Available in RDX and HMX configurations.

ACE™ Tubing Cutter

Compatible with resistorized and/or RF Safe Detonator requirements. Rated up to 400°F.

ACE™ Segmented Cutter

Comprehensive range of pipe sizes (4 1/2 – 7 5/8) can be cut. Also available in extended range applications.

Split Shot® Cutter

Ideal solution for use in tubulars with extreme restrictions and deviation. Dependable downhole performance defined at the drilling rig.


Precision ballistic colliding technology to separate from the drill string.

Initiation Systems

Safe, reliable, and cost-effective initiation devices suitable for a range of applications.

Core Lab is devoted to developing new technologies and methods to optimize reservoir performance and recovery.

Ballistics Testing

Equipment testing includes packers, bridge plugs, perforating charges, gun systems, and a wide variety of downhole components.

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